Real Ops

Look no further, you've found the flight sim booking platform you've been looking for!

Does this sound familiar to you?

“I have an idea for this event, if only I had a booking system that people could use to join the event!”

“Everybody is showing up at the same time, isn't there a booking system out there that can help me space out things?”

“Honestly I have no time to spend attempting to make my own booking system. I have an event to coordinate!”

I'm sold already, I want to create my account!

Event organizers who need a (better) platform!

Say hi to Real Ops, a flexible flight sim event booking platform! Find out below some of the things you'll be able to do.

  • Event Administration

    All the required things you need to create and administrate your event. Create your event, name it, set the time and date, put up a banner and add your flights!

  • Mailed Booking Confirmations

    Booking confirmation with just e-mail! Real Ops will take care of sending out booking request and confirmation e-mails.

  • Multiple Booking Types

    Not quite organizing a real ops? No problem. Real Ops supports multiple types of "bookables". This means that you can run more than just an real ops event!

  • Invite your staff

    We're sure that you'd want some help while organizing things! Invite your staff members so they can help along!

  • Import your flights

    An easier and faster method of adding flights to your event for pilots to book is by simply importing them! You can easily import flights to your event!

  • Hidden nuggets

    Not everything can be shown in 6 feature panels. Instead come take a look for yourself and see what other hidden nuggets are provided for you.

Note: Real Ops by is continuously developed, this means that some features may not be fully available yet. Please join the discord and let us know what features you're looking forward to.

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